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Structural Engineer’s Report

Concerning issues uncovered at the main library building (407 William Floyd Parkway) that require remediation:

Construction Update (April 12, 2024)

Exciting Construction Updates: Main Library Building Progressing Towards Fall Completion

As the seasons change, so does the landscape of our treasured Main Library at 407 William Floyd Parkway in Shirley. With summer approaching, our community’s anticipation intensifies for the grand opening of the renovated Main Library building slated for this fall. We’re excited to share the latest developments in the construction process, marking significant milestones towards creating a modern, welcoming space for all.

Exterior Enhancements: Setting the Stage for Arrival

The transformation of our library’s exterior is well underway, with essential site work scheduled to start in May. This includes the installation of new curbs and sidewalks, laying the foundation for a more accessible and inviting entrance to our community’s hub of knowledge and connection.

Interior Progress: Crafting Spaces for Innovation and Engagement

Inside the library, every corner is buzzing with activity as we move closer to completing various areas designed to cater to all age groups and interests.

  • Teen Area: The ceilings are nearly complete, setting the stage for a dynamic and inclusive environment where our community’s youth can explore, learn, and connect.
  • Flooring Initiatives: Beginning shortly, we will start laying down the new flooring, transforming the space with a fresh and contemporary look.
  • Adult Area: Installation of ceilings is in progress, promising a sophisticated and serene space for reading, research, and relaxation.
  • Children’s Area: With the ceilings completed, we’re now focusing on integrating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, ensuring a safe and stimulating environment for our youngest patrons.
  • Circulation and Lobby Areas: Currently being painted, these areas will soon welcome visitors with a bright and warm atmosphere, with ceiling installations to follow.
  • Stage Area: Flooring installation has just begun, paving the way for community performances and events that will enrich our library experience.
  • Business Office: Preparations are complete for the flooring installation, ensuring a functional and efficient workspace for our dedicated staff.
  • Restrooms: All toilet fixtures are installed, marking another step towards offering fully modernized facilities for our patrons.

Stay Connected and Involved

We encourage our community members to stay engaged with the library’s transformation by checking in with this web page. Here, you can find the latest construction photos and updates, allowing you to witness the progress firsthand.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Your enthusiasm and support, as we undertake this ambitious project, mean everything to us. The Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library is more than just a building; it’s a symbol of our community’s commitment to growth, learning, and togetherness. As we inch closer to our grand opening this fall, we’re filled with gratitude for your patience and excitement. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the grand unveiling of our library — a beacon of knowledge, community, and connection for generations to come.

Revisions to the 45,000 square foot Main Library Building will be comprehensive from the inside out.

There will be more quiet spaces to work and study, as well as additional meeting/activity rooms to provide more sessions of educational programs, ranging from chair yoga to cooking classes to courses on prepping for the high school equivalency exam.

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The renovations also include substantial technology updates including a state-of-the-art network infrastructure to support new computer labs, high-speed internet, and makerspaces including 3D printers, virtual reality, and coding/robotics. In addition, the
library will have IP phones, new audio/video systems in meeting rooms, teleconference systems, assistive listening devices, and charging stations for devices. An automated self-return/sorting system will save time and money.

The new library will feature an updated indoor performance space with a full stage, ADA-compliant restrooms for public and staff, added and improved security cameras, a lounge area to use laptops and charge devices, and expanded public seating and program rooms in every department.
Aside from additional space for our book and media collections, the new library will feature an archival room for safe storage of important local history collections.

More privacy, fewer distractions

The entrance lobby and front desk area will be separated from the adult section by a soundproof glass partition. Since many transactions occur at the front desk, separating this area of nearly continuous activity will make it significantly quieter on the rest of the floor. Partitioning off a computer lab area and adult reading lounge within the adult space will also add more quiet areas, as sounds from interactions at the information desk will be blocked by the new glass partitions. Following the renovation, adults will be able to enjoy an enclosed computer area and a separate quiet reading lounge area removed from the hub of transactions and phone conversations.

Staff offices – slated to be moved to the lower level – will also be repurposed into meeting rooms, program spaces, and study spaces for our customers.

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