What Will It Cost Me?

The short answer is . . . the proposed bond will cost the average homeowner approximately $7 per month.

The actual cost to you will depend on your assessed valuation as determined by the Brookhaven Town Tax Assessor’s office.

The average home in the William Floyd School District is assessed at $1,995.00. If the bond passes and your home is assessed at $1,995.00 the cost to you will be an estimated $85.00 per year, or about $7 per month. If your home is assessed for less than average your costs will be lower, if your home is assessed for higher than average your cost will be higher.

You can locate your assessed valuation on your most recent property tax bill or on the Brookhaven Town Assessment Roll page.

Follow the link below, click on online services and enter your address to find your assessed valuation.

Assessment Roll

Or find the information on your most recent property tax bill. See a sample bill below:



Sample Tax Bill